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Playing the First Last Goal Bet: 5 Simple Strategies to Make Money

The first last goal bet is one of the easiest and most straightforward football betting options on the reputable betting site, football tips win draw win  Particularly, the odds are extremely high, making it suitable for all types of bettors, from beginners to experienced ones.

What is the First Last Goal Bet?

Explaining the first last goal bet in an easy way is placing a bet on which team will score the first or last goal in the match.

For example, in a match between Ararat Y and Pyunik, with a final score of 1-0, the result of the first last goal bet would be:

First goal: Ararat Y.

Last goal: Ararat Y.

This is a minor league match between two teams that are not very prominent, so the likelihood of scoring is quite limited. Additionally, the Ararat Y team has more advantages over the away team, making the result fairly predictable. From this, we can see that with just a little analysis, the first last goal bet is quite easy and likely to be correct.

Types of First Last Goal Bets

Because the first last goal bet is easy to play and win, the demand for this type of bet is quite high, so many football betting sites offer additional options such as betting on no goals 0-0.

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Here are some types of first last goal bets and their symbols:

Home team to open the scoring.

HL: Betting on the home team to score the last goal.

AF: Betting on the away team to score the first goal.

AL: Betting on the away team to score the last goal.

Betting on no goals being scored.

Choosing the home team to score both the first and last goals.

Betting on the away team to score both the first and last goals.

Home team to open the scoring, away team to finish.

Away team to score first, home team to score last.

5 Tips for Easy First Last Goal Betting

Playing the first last goal bet in chronological order during the match helps new players understand it better. Here are some tips for playing the first last goal bet for those who are new to this type of betting:

Research information before the match

  1. This is an extremely important step that directly impacts the outcome of the first last goal bet. Factors affecting include:

Player fitness stability.

The strikers of both teams.

The connection between players, especially midfielders and forwards.

Goalkeeper's primary catching skills.

Results of recent encounters between players.

Weather conditions favorable or unfavorable to one side.

Offensive style and first goal

  1. Prioritize selecting a team with an attacking style to bet on the first goal because teams with this style are very aggressive, always taking the initiative to increase the gap with the opponent.

Especially in increasing the ranking in goal difference specifically and overall standings generally.

Choose the overdog team

  1. Many articles suggest choosing the underdog team because of fear that the bookmakers will change the result. However, when everyone thinks like that, the betting balance will be skewed, and of course, the bookmakers will win big. With many players losing, they also have to pay less money because of the low odds on Odd.

Only rely on your own analysis

  1. Referring to information online is extremely important to make your decision more accurate. However, if you look at too much data, you will be confused.

What you need to do is only collect basic information.

Then, with your expertise, you can make more accurate assessments.

Follow the match closely

  1. Many bookmakers offer last-minute goal betting during the match. Therefore, closely monitoring the match situation will help you have more opportunities to win the first last goal bet.

Every situation in the match can affect the final outcome, such as:

A player is injured and unable to continue playing.

Changing the striker or even the goalkeeper.

Coach changing tactics.

Players committing fouls receiving yellow or red cards.

How to Calculate First Last Goal Bet Money:

Like most football betting calculations, the first last goal bet is still calculated according to the formula:

Winning money = Odds ratio x amount bet.

Or the total amount received = Amount bet + amount bet x Odds ratio.

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Q&A: Last First Goal

Some questions you might be looking for answers to are as follows:

Should I trust the bookmakers' Odds?

  1. The answer is no. Odds only represent part of the probability of whether a bet has more or less chance of winning. However, each bet has many reasons to win on its own.

Therefore, you should trust your own decision and analysis more than just focusing on the bookmakers' Odds.

When should I place a first last goal bet?

  1. You should place this bet whenever you find it appropriate, including pre-match information or events happening during the match.

When there are signs of victory, you should bet before the bookmakers notice to get the best Odds.


The first last goal bet is a type of play that depends a lot on luck. However, there are still ways to win. Refer to and apply them to increase your chances of winning money in the future!


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