Nature’s first green is gold, Her hardest hue to hold.

Her early leaf’s a flower; But only so an hour.

Then leaf subsides to leaf. So Eden sank to grief,

So dawn goes down to day.

Nothing gold can stay.

—  Robert Frost, Poet



Mufasa’s Pride targets young urban males between the ages of 12-18  Each protegee must complete at least two (2) years of the program curriculum, complete High School graduation requirements, complete rites of passage manhood initiation activities, to earn the title of “Man” and be formally introduced to the community  as a man in our Rites of Passage Ceremony. 

“Impact Sessions” are developed on the foundational principles of our seven pillars:

  • Integrity 

  • Courage

  • Altruism

  • Conviction

  • Wisdom

  • Intellect

  • Style

The following titles are "Impact Session" Workshops designed to equip each individual young man with the vital tools needed to make positive choices that will eventually lead to them becoming “Change Agents” and True Renaissance Men: Citizen of the World, The Renaissance, Man, My Body…My Temple, My Spirit Man, The Booker T. Institute, My Money…My B.I.S.S.ness, Giving It Back

 Exposure is crucial component of Mufasa’s Pride. Each year, "The Pride" introduces exciting cities, multicultural events, museums and innovative technology to its participants. For many, these experiences are a first and serve as an overwhelming motivator to excel in the mission and goals of our program.   

Mentoring is the key components of Mufasa’s Pride Rites of Passage.  Through mentoring, members establish relationships with the Operations Team or other identified and sanctioned individuals that provide support and counsel to our protégé’s on their journey to manhood.  These relationships led to heightened self-esteem, improved family relations, academic success and increased social and financial responsibility.

  • Each year in July, we began our enrollment process for new members. Interested participants must be male, ages between 12- 18 or grades 6th – 11th respectively.   Our program runs concurrently with the Houston, TX school calendar (August- May), concluding with our Annual Rites of Passage Multi-State Summer Tour in June.

  • We recruit students to our program by working with administrators and counselors, community leaders, social media while our biggest recruiters are former parents and Pride members.

  • Our sessions are bi-monthly.  We meet 1st & 3rd Saturdays of September – May.  We use a Community Mentor approach in our group setting. 

  • Outside of these monthly sessions, we engage in community service projects and cultural field trips.

Through our "My Money, My Business Impact Sessions, we teach our protégé’sthe basic foundations of financial independence. We also provide them with the tools that will help foster their ideas and goals for future career pathways

  • Through these sessions we are able to:

    • Expose our youth to various career opportunities

    • Provide an environment that supports/promotes networking

    • Empower our youth to feel comfortable interviewing and interacting with leaders

    • Expand their scope to see the world and business globally

Research shows that adolescents who are involved in community service are less likely to engage in at-risk behavior. Mufasa's Pride participants have a noteworthy record of serving the communities of Houston, TX. Each year, The Pride participates in several community service projects to further instill in our young men the values of giving back to others. These projects also help students understand the needs and inner workings of their communities.

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